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Stupid Cupid

Valentine's Day. Phaw!

What people need to do is ask themselves why they need an annual event to show their appreciation to their partner and vice versa. Waiting for the one day of the year when flowers cost twice as much, when it's nigh on impossible to get a decent restaurant reservation pretty much anywhere, when you have to squeeze yourself into the card and gift stores because every other idiot is trying to get something for their loved one at exactly the same time.

It's just bad comedy. The sort of thing that would be hilarious if it weren't so shockingly tragic. Here's a message to all you budding Casanova's:

Don't wait until Valentine's Day. If you think your other half might not realise just how much you love them, do something about it NOW, don't wait for next year in the hope that you can make it all smooth, because you know what? They might not be your partner by the time that opportunity comes around, because you didn't show your love in time.

Love doesn't need a calendar.

2 message(s) of denial

Mark Hall - 2007-02-15 07:34:42

Valentine's Day is a special day to express and share love in a world crushed by fear and hate. It is a shining beacon. Also, here at Hallmark Cards we make a shitload of money out of it, so sod off and leave the mugs alone.


Fuzzems - 2007-03-01 08:09:06

Valentine's day also marks a day of complete bloody masacre between Capone and Bugs here in America...its the St Valentine's Day Massacre... and no one realizes it. Yes I am married, but I made sure that all of my girlfriends knew how of a negative that day was...and my husband was happy cause he forgot it was coming up. Hallmark has profitted from this feel good day when I say that it shouldnt be just one day of the year that you buy your special someone flowers and say you love them with extreme adulation. Now that I have said my part, Happy Late VDay.


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