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Now, I don't make a habit of publicly flogging my service providers. I've been largely happy with the majority of them for some time. However, given that I didn't sleep at all last night due to my being bunged up with a cold, my temper is wafer thin this morning. So you can imagine that receiving an e-mail from my broadband supplier accusing me of downloading excessive amounts of data, despite the fact that the line they're giving me is physically incapable of meeting their numbers was all the excuse I needed to rant at someone.

Hi, I'd like to know how, when the maximum download speed I've managed to achieve using P2P during peak hours is about 10kbps, this has amounted to more than 11GB in less than one billing month. My calculations put this at a maximum of 288MB per day off peak, totalling a ceiling of around 9GB for an entire month.

Further, given that I've been using P2P software for little more than two weeks, in which time I've actually downloaded no more than around 10-12GB of data, the overwhelming majority of which is off-peak when my pitiful 'up to 8MB line' juices up to the lame value of some 50-60kbps, I really don't see how your figures add up.

Further to this, my broadband breakdown lists a good 11GB of 'gaming'. I'd love to know how you determine this, because the only internet gaming I've managed this YEAR was an hour on a Battlefield 2142 demo which malfunctioned badly due to my meagre connection speed, prompting me to give it up completely. Given that the transfer on this is likely to be less than a few MB of data, I doubt this figure is correct.

On another, less important note, why do I have any transfer against Broadband phonecalls at all, given that I've never used the internet to make a phonecall in my life?

So, rather than threaten to impose restrictions on my line speed, I suggest the following:

1. Conduct a thorough review of the statistics you are applying to my account, and remove the huge chunks of transfer data that have erroneously been accounted to me.

2. Tell me why, oh why, my 'up to 8MB' line is actually slower at all times than my previous setup under 512MB Broadband.

Yes, I've been a loyal Plusnet customer happy to refer friends to your service over the past what, two years? However, if this is the level of service I can expect under the your new BT ownership (I made a point of leaving BT's broadband service because it was abominable and comparable only to NTL in the late nineties), then I will not be a customer for much longer.

I've sat watching files download onto my high-end, dual core supercomputer at 10kbps for some time, but even my patience has limits.

I await a reply. Unfortunately, I'm not expecting anything positive. Such is life, and I'll shortly be in the market for a new broadband supplier.

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